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Data Science Group is an AI center of excellence, offering research-backed solutions to complex commercial problems. We can lead AI/ML projects for you, help you set up your own CoE, define an AI strategy, and audit your AI models. With decades of accumulated experience, we’ll help you save costs, increase revenues, discover your next big breakthrough, and remain compliant with regulation.


Build an In-house Center of Excellence

Build your own internal AI CoE with our tried-and-tested best practices and methodologies


Long-term AI Strategy and Vision

Identify your data assets and establish a viable long-term AI strategy for your organization


End-to-end Machine Learning projects

Hire our team to solve your most complex challenges from idea to full production-grade AI


Compliance, ethics and regulation

Ensure compliance with AI regulations and maintain the highest AI ethics standards

A platform for AI Observability and Governance

Our patent-pending software provides a 360° solution for maintaining AI models and remaining compliant with upcoming AI regulations. This first of its kind solution provides monitoring, alerts, deep dive into the root cause of any shift in the model, recommendations, an audit trail and version control.

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Dynamic meta embeddings

If you’ve done any NLP-related reading in the last few months, there is no way you have not heard about BERT, GPT-2 or ELMo that have pushed the boundaries of NLP tasks even further.
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