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Enterprise AI platform delivering business value across multiple industries. 

Customized AI production systems in weeks instead of months or years. 

Reliable and efficient AI performance over time.


Solving complex business problems

Take on your most complex challenges with the power of AI, from idea to development to production


Developing an AI core competency

Create your own AI Center of Excellence with our platform and methodology


Strategizing and building an AI vision

Establish a long-term AI strategy to future-proof your organization


Maintaining high standards of compliance

Maintain high ethical standards when adopting upcoming AI regulations

A platform for AI Observability and Governance

Our patent-pending software provides a 360° solution for maintaining AI models and remaining compliant with upcoming AI regulations. This first of its kind solution provides monitoring, alerts, deep dive into the root cause of any shift in the model, recommendations, an audit trail and version control.

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Center of Excellence

Strategies for AI Success: AI Center of Excellence

In light of the current hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, you may be wondering what they mean for your organization and why it’s essential to have a center of excellence. To improve the effectiveness of a data science-driven organization, many factors should be considered.

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Dynamic meta embeddings

If you’ve done any NLP-related reading in the last few months, there is no way you have not heard about BERT, GPT-2 or ELMo that have pushed the boundaries of NLP tasks even further.
Even though these techniques are awesome, there are many NLP problem-setups where you wouldn’t be able to use them.

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