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Scale your AI power safely, securely, and with business management oversight. So you can make business-critical decisions faster and drive sustainable growth.

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  • Holistic AI GRC Solution
Evolve Assess

Uncover key opportunities for growth by validating your AI models, systems, apps,  infrastructure, and business goals and KPIs

Evolve Control

Get total real-time visibility of threats, vulnerabilities, and performance across hundreds or thousands of AI models in production – and recommendations for handling them.

Evolve Deploy

Speed up the development and deployment of AI initiatives with ready-to-use models and infrastructure you can implement safely, securely – and immediately.

"The center of excellence we initiated with DSG is another prime example of a successful development and implementation of AI tools to improve ZIM's business decisions."

Eli Glickman, President and CEO

"We strongly recommend DSG! We approached DSG with a highly time-sensitive problem and severe algorithmic debt. DSG initiated an agile study and presented us with a number of promising directions, which were implemented and deployed into our system."

Hila Geva VP R&D, Growth Solutions

"Microsoft Israel continues to have the opportunity to work with DSG on various clients and numerous engagements related to advanced AI and Machine Learning workloads. The DSG team brings innovation to the engagement, and both Microsoft and client teams find professionalism in working with the DSG teams. I would highly recommend working with DSG as a partner.”

Elan Rosenberg Solution Specialist Manager, Azure Data & AI

Safe & responsible ai
across the board


Streamline your workflow, focus on high-impact tasks like model building, and significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive manual monitoring tasks.

ML Ops Engineers

Automatically monitor the risks and KPIs of AI models in real time to understand the business impact of their performance and respond or mitigate immediately. 


Boost your understanding and oversight of AI models in production, paving the way for increased profitability, faster decision-making, and improved ROI across your AI initiatives.

Risk &

Analyze and identify potential risks across AI governance and compliance, rank them by severity, and mitigate them before they impact the business.

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Extending human capabilities through AI

We believe that the key to driving sustainable growth with AI is not by creating more models for the sake of creating more models. But by extending human capabilities through AI using controlled and governed models.
So you can stay relevant, become even more cost-effective, and make business-critical decisions at scale – quickly, and with confidence.