Use Case

Automating prescription error discovery for healthcare companies

Identify prescription issues before they become problems

With DSG’s improved AI models, healthcare companies can –

Improve patient safety

By detecting potential anomalies and errors in advance

Improve operational efficiency

Reduce the time and effort taken in manually checking files

Improve regulatory compliance

By ensuring the accuracy of prescriptions given

Discover what you can do with Data Science Group

Data Science Group built and trained machine learning algorithms using 8+ years of sequential medical prescriptions, admissions, and diagnoses data along to produce highly successful AI models that:

Swiftly identifies anomalies and errors

By instantly cross-checking prescriptions and patients’ medical records in real-time.

Reduces the workload for providers

Freeing them up from hours of manual checking to take care of their patients better, and with confidence.

Enhanced efficiency and accuracy

Using advanced ML techniques to analyze medical prescription and EMR data, the model significantly reduces incidences of human error.