Prepare for AI Regulations  

We empower businesses by providing a comprehensive GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) solution tailored for the entire life cycle of AI systems.
Our focus is on assessing, mitigating, and managing AI risks to ensure compliance, optimize performance, and build trust

The EU AI act is here – How to prepare for it?

DSG.AI GRC suite goes beyond assessment and mitigation by incorporating an automatically generated remediation plan tailored to address identified AI risks.

Seamlessly aligning your organization’s AI systems with globally recognized standards like ISO/IEC SC-42 and proactively preparing for forthcoming regulations such as the EU AI Act, our GRC suite provides a comprehensive solution to foster responsible and secure AI scaling.

Making Responsible AI Easy

Complying with upcoming AI regulations poses significant challenges for organizations of any size. Navigating these complexities requires more than just awareness; it demands a strategic approach to turn potential hurdles into business advantages.

assessAI equips organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to comprehend and navigate the complexities in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI. Our platform delivers in-depth assessments and a robust technological framework to track and manage AI risks.

You get total oversight of AI risks and a thorough assessment at both organizational and AI system-specific levels. Our platform is designed to facilitate a responsible approach to AI operations, guaranteeing compliance and fostering a secure AI ecosystem.

Introducing enterprise-level AI risk management tool, assisting organizations in the detection and mitigation of risks associated with AI systems development, deployment, and ongoing operation.

This ensures safety, correctness, and efficiency throughout the AI lifecycle.

manageAI is an AI risk management and governance platform, designed to operate within the client’s cloud infrastructure and seamlessly integrate with organizational AI assets.

At the platform’s core lies our proprietary AI risk identification and scoring module, designed to empower end-users with the capability to continuously monitor a broad spectrum of risks across all relevant AI assets.

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