The path to innovation is
beset with complexities

As AI systems become integral to business
operations, the imperative to monitor them

Businesses must adopt a proactive stance,
continuously govern their AI systems to ensure
sustainable, responsible and efficient operations.

The pillars of AI strategy

Harnessing the full potential of AI requires a deep understanding and observability of your AI assets.

Data is the cornerstone of every decision, insight, and innovation.
Ensuring your data meets the highest standards of quality and integrity is essential.

AI models are the engines driving your organization’s innovation forward. They need constant evaluation to adapt swiftly to evolving business landscapes.

monitoring of assets

Our solution runs on your cloud infrastructure, integrating directly with your assets for continuous monitoring. You get a real-time view of your AI risks, with informative context, useful insights and operational recommendations.


ManageAI monitors all of your AI assets, identifying the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that impact their performance – while helping you remediate them.

What We Cover

Manage and mitigate risk in real-time

Be one step ahead of risks across all AI models by identifying and evaluating their root cause, their severity, and how to mitigate them. Across  internal and external information exchanges.

Improve explainability and accountability

Ensure the decision-making processes behind AI models are transparent and understandable to key stakeholders. And enable productive discussions about the business impact of AI.

Proactively optimize models’ performance

Avoid performance issues ahead of time by continuously monitoring data inputs across your models for consistency, accuracy, and competency.

Focus on business value and KPIs

With monitoring off your plate, you can focus on making sure your AI models deliver better business results. And safely and securely amplify your organization’s AI power.

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